WatchSeries is one of the oldest streaming sites in the world, being launched more than a decade ago in 2010. Today we will tell you a little bit from the story of this streaming platform, how it started, how it works and more important informations about it that you probably want to know before or after watching movies and series on our website. To make things clear ever since the beginning, WatchSeries started as a completely free website and that's how it will stay until the end. We are offering the best streaming services in the world, the most qualitative and we are still not asking our visitors for anything in return while we keep the website up and running, free to use by everyone in this world. Our target ever since the beginning was to offer free movies and tv series online because we think that everyone should have the right to watch entertainment for free as long as they already pay for an internet subscription every month. Now there is no need to pay a monthly subscription on Netflix or other premium streaming platforms while you can watch anything that you imagine on WatchSeries. All kinds and years of movies and tv series, game-shows, reality shows, talk-shows, musical, film-noir, blockbusters of independent films, they are all in our collection and can be watched for free. Our database currently includes around 15.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes. It's a massive collection and it took us years to build it and gather under the same roof all this content but it was definitely worth it because now WatchSeries is the most important source of online streaming in the world, being visited by hundreds of thousands of people wordwide everyday who are coming here to watch their favorite movies and shows in HD quality without registration. The quality of the video files is our main focus on WatchSeries so we are never neglecting this chapter. We are always publishing only good quality movies because otherwise it would be disrespectful for our users and we've never disappointed the fans in more than 10 years of activity.

WatchSeries is using a custom design theme and interface. We are not using the old one that consacrated us anymore because it was too old-fashioned and impossible to adapt to modern times and technologies so we had to let it go. The actual design theme is inspired by 123Movies and that's why it might look familiar to you even if you didn't visited WatchSeries until now. We consider it to be the best interface for a streaming site because it's very modern, clean, minimalist, well structured, friendly and easy to use for everybody. There is no need for a how to watch tutorial on this platform but for those who want to know we've written a few words. First of all, when you visit WatchSeries you have to find something good to watch. You can either use the search form if you already know what to watch and just type in the name of your production and it will be available within seconds. If you are not decided yet and you need some inspiration, go check the dedicated pages where the movies and series are sorted as Most Viewed, Top Rated, Most Favorite, Top IMDb or Trending Now. These are our top picks and are very often used as a source of inspiration when you don't know what movie to choose tonight. Browsing through our massive collection of movies and episodes is very simple since each piece of content is very well structured and organized with filters and tags for genres, release years, networks, countries, actors, directors, guest stars and even more that you can discover by yourself. We've worked hard on WatchSeries because we always wanted to offer you the best possible user experience while watching movies and series online free in HD quality without registration. Recently, we've removed any form of advertising from this site so now you can watch your favorite productions without being bothered by any annoying pops and ads. WatchSeries is a free streaming website and the only way you can show your support is to bookmark the site, visit it everyday and also give it a share on your social media accounts so more people will find out about it.